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Testimonials - Customer Speak

“I am proud to own and play these beautiful G&L Tribute guitars. The Fallout (left) and the Jerry Cantrell Signature Series (right). Their sound and playability is fantastic and they easily out perform big brand guitars often costing twice as much.

The best feature of these instruments, in my opinion, is the superior hardware., powerful pickups and heavy saddle-lock bridge. This bridge is Leo Fender’s improvement over the regular T style bridge. It's a simple design that adds tons of sustain, helps it stay in tune and it just works.

The instruments are very well made, and are amazing value for money. I love them.

Professional packing and ProMusicals personalised assistance resulted in a trouble-free purchase”. Highly recommended, try one or buy one today”, after all G&Ls are the best instruments Leo Fender ever built.

Neerav Gupta

I had a small problem with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and you sent me a new one in a short time. That's really awesome. And the product specialist helped me a lot. He informed me about every update of my unit's service. I was really happy and satisfied about my unit.

Thank you Pro Musicals for taking care of my issue.

Mr. Manu Vara

Thank you for the support extended. I must confess that the patient and logical support provided by your technical support personnel was extraordinary ; definitely I did not expect such extended cooperation.

Keep it up, and thank you once again!

Anand Navi (Mumbai)

"Pro Musicals is a Matrix to nurture a creative musician.I mean to say there are myriad decisions and choices that a musician encounters when entering this industry, so most entrants ask a friend of known audio engineer etc for friendly advice.

Many of these friends and so called engineers or audio professional actually misguide new comers with their limited information while trying to impress.On the other hand it appears that most music stores in India are sorely uninformed about Digital Audio. So where does a naive beginner go to for genuine assistance and guidance?

So it was a pleasure to come across ProMusicals whose considerate staff offered careful guidance and attention to my needs that allowed me to start my career in Music with the lowest investment but the best results possible.Mr. Sudhin Prabhakar is always accessible to me and offers me constant advice even on the phone, on any query I may have on any subject at any time allowing me to grow with my needs in an structured manner and within my limited budgets.I never feel obliged or pressured to buy a specific brand or product. The advice is always genuine, friendly and unbiased.I am realy  comfortable interacting with Pro Musicals and strongly recommend them to any serious musician.

I can say in all earnest that In a few years from starting off as a novice, I became a leading Professional Musician & Sound Engineer  in my city, only through the guidance of Pro Musicals.Special Thanks to Sudhin Sir.They are the only company doing a great  job for more than 20 years. I can proudly say that I am a customer of Pro Musicals and this earns me much respect in the music industry as well."
Jeba Raja. - Musician /Composer/Arranger/Voice Over artist/ Jingle producer (Nagercoil).

"Yo whats up. this is BlaaZe' - and what u hearin right now in the background, is coming off my LIVE 8 and if it sounds great, that's only because it's from the one-stop-shop, for all your musical dreams - Pro Musicals, with my brother Sudhin - Thank You man.. Nuff Respect - Peace - BlaaZe' - Keep the music alive !! With Pro Musicals .. Ha Ha ! "  

"Finally a GOOD NEWS! I brought the 16.4.2 in Chennai to the Indian distributor (PROMUSICAL) few days ago.I've been in touch with the manager of the company Mr. Sudhin Prabhakar via email and later I met him in person. He really took care of me and the 16.4.2 issue. They make repair the device in very short time and yesterday I had it back. Hat off to the PROMUSICAL team!!! They deserve respect for their professional skills and the way they handled the matter. I hope that other customers of PRESONUS will have the chance to find honest and dedicated persons like the one working in PROMUSICAL. A very happy customer."

Just to let you know that yesterday, I received back my Focusrite Saffire 6 usb duly repaired and in working condition! Please accept my sincere Thanks for all the help.I was given to understand by your staff, that you personally tested the item and sent it back a few times to the repair center as there were some loose connections after the IC was replaced! I am touched, and at the same time impressed by your kindness and professionalism. Please convey my appreciation and Thanks to your entire team ( Vivin,  Apollo, Suseela, Rajesh and Chella kumar).
Arvind Varma,Col (Retd)


Once again, we're blown away with these killer speakers. The value for buck is just off the charts. We didn't have to practical set any custom DSP or EQ, it just works out of the box and it still leaves us with more customizable features at our disposable and this makes us trust this product even more.

I'm not sure whether you know Father. Berchmans, they're looking for a solution like this.We're very pleased with your expertise.

Josh J.


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